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Connections is a series of activities held by the Student Association of University of PGRI Semarang.Didalam Informatics These activities are a series of events including, Informatic Fun Competition ( Futsal and Poster Design ), Workshop and Short Movie Comptetition SMA / SMK - Central Java and this DIY.Kegiatan dilkasanakan on 24 – 29 October 2019 which is housed in the floor of the Central Building 7 This Semarang.Acara PGRI University attended by the Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Informatics Mr. Hidalgo Murti Morrow,S.E., M.Kom also opened the event ini.Selain Vice Dean II also attended by Chairman of the Program Information Mr. Bambang Agus Herlambang,Kom., M.Kom along with the entire faculty of informatics study program.

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At the closing ceremony, there is a ceremony for winning various competitions in the ini.Selain activities at the time of closing is also enlivened by the music group "IMMORTAL". The entire study program Informatics Students are excited about attending the closing ceremony of this CONNECTION.

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